Almost all of the skin lightening methods and products available nowadays can possibly trigger skin irritation for its users. One might even get skin cancer when utilizing them for a long time. Remember, there are other methods to have a lighter skin without compromising your health. This is feasible using nature’s bounty. Using natural ingredients, you’ll be surprise of its effectiveness and level of safety. My lighter skin is all thanks to the natural skin lightening methods and products.

Sun Screen

To shield the skin from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet light, the body produces dark skin pigment referred to as melanin. In that sense, exposing your skin from the sun for an extended period of time may end up to skin darkening. Therefore, the usage of sunscreen will shield your skin from UV rays. By making use of sunscreen on your skin, this will lessen production of melanin; thus, skin darkening is avoided. As for me, I use SPF 30 lotions, and apply sunscreen underneath my makeup.


The market is overflowing with skin lightening creams; however, I select my homemade lightening creams. Ever since my daily schedule became busier, I barely have time to make homemade creams; so, I resorted to 100% organic creams. These creams are as effective and safe as those I created. Some of these products are loaded with organic ingredients which include but not limited to licorice, bearberry and citrus fruits. Skin lightening creams are sometimes added with Vitamins B-3 and C by their respective manufacturers. Creams have the ability to give you a fair and beautiful skin without adding damage to your skin. Besides that, they are budget friendly and effective.

Lemon and Milk Soak

As such, this will assure you a lighter skin while keeping you refreshed after bathing. Both lemon and milk comprise enzymes that can lighten the skin. Milk also moisturizes the skin, which counteracts the drying effect of lemon. To begin with, you will simply need to add one cup of full-fat milk in the tub, and squeeze one whole lemon in it. After which, distribute the milk and lemon evenly by mixing the tub. You’ll need to dip yourself for 20 minutes in the bath and there after, wash it down with clean water. To notice the results within a month, you must do it once per week.

Papaya Puree

Skin lightening can be effectivel with the use of alpha-hydroxy acids coupled with vitamins A, C, and E. In addition, you will be able to eliminate all signs of aging through these organic compounds. On the other hand, ripe papayas are known to have these benefits. If you have a blender in the house, you can puree a papaya. Ensure you remove the seeds first. Be sure to put your pureed papaya in a clean container and store it in the refrigerator. For greatest results, apply on your skin 3 times weekly.

Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub

One can attain a healthy and fairer skin through exfoliation because it eliminates the dead skin cells that cover the healthy skin layers. Olive oil is loaded in antioxidants, which safeguards the skin while keeping it moisturized. Besides, the exfoliation process is made simpler for it softens up the dead skin cells in the process. As such, the combined benefits of olive oil and sugar granules constitute an efficient and economical exfoliant. Mix the ingredients then scrub on face and body. Wait for one minute before cleaning it down with cold water to tighten the pores.

I choose utilizing organic ingredients on my skin as they are safe and efficient. These ingredients are simple to find; in fact, most of them are already available your kitchen. I suggest the use of organic skin lightener for I am happy with the results; thus, I urged everyone to apply it as well. I will never trade this organic skin care method for those synthetic skincare products.