Some people are hesitant to try skin lightening methods and items for some may cause skin irritation. One might even get skin cancer when using them for an extended time. Then again, a fairer skin can still be achieved without having to compromise your health. The solution is to make use of the power of nature. These natural ingredients are effective and safe as they are backed up with scientific basis. My fairer skin is all thanks to the natural skin lightening methods and products.

Sun Screen

To protect my skin from the harmful sun’s rays, I put on sunscreen on my face. I also put on lotion with SPF 30 to safeguard my body. If your skin is subjected to the UV rays, your skin cells can be harmed. To deal with its effects, a skin pigment known as melanin is generated by the body. As such, the downside is that your skin will turn dark. In order to prevent the production of melanin, sunscreen must be used to your skin. As a result, your skin retains its great complexion.


The market is teeming with skin lightening creams; however, I select my homemade lightening creams. However, I’m now buying ready-to-use creams instead since I don’t have the time to create my own creams. there’s not much of the difference with the creams I’ve purchased and the ones I created since both have similar level of efficiency. Some of the natural ingredients present are bearberry, liquorice, and citrus fruits. Some manufacturers infused their skin lightening creams with vitamins B-3 and C. While these creams are inexpensive, you can ensure that it is safe and efficient.

Lemon and Milk Soak

Aside from making your skin lighter than before, this soothing bath also eradicate stress and body pains. Both lemon and milk have enzymes that can lighten the skin. Milk also moisturizes the skin, which counteracts the drying effect of lemon. Squeeze one whole lemon on the tub after pouring one cup of full-fat milk. Stir the tub to distribute the milk and lemon evenly. More or less, soak your body for 20 minutes, and wash it off with water once you’re finished. Try doing this once per week, and in just one month results will become visible.

Papaya Puree

The combination of alpha-hydroxy acids with vitamins A, C, and E can lighten skin efficiently. These organic compounds can also help against aging. On the other hand, ripe papayas are well-known to have these benefits. Eliminate the seeds then puree a papaya using your blender. Be sure to put your pureed papaya in a clean container and keep it in the refrigerator. Be sure to put it on on your skin, preferably 3 times a week.

Sugar and Olive Oil Scrub

Dead skin cells are quickly taken away through regular exfoliation. At any rate, exfoliation is not costly as you believe it is. The kitchen contains plenty of natural ingredients that you can make use of. Olive oil and sugar granules are two of the ingredients that are great exfoliation recipe. Aside from the moisturizing effect of olive oil, it has high amounts of anti-oxidant also. Using sugar granules as a scrub will help scrub off the dead skin cells. This organic scrub should be utilized throughout your skin. Let it absorb for one minute, then wash it with cold water keep your pores tight.

I always like the best for my skin; thus, I love using natural ingredients since they are safer and don’t provide any side effects. Many of them are already in your kitchen so finding them is not hard. It guarantee you fantastic results, and that’s the reason why I told my friends and families to simply use organic skin lightener. Nevertheless, I will never give up utilizing this natural skin care method over those expensive synthetic skincare products.